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Since I was ten years old I have had weight issues. Up and down diets, extreme weight loss and extreme weight gain. My whole life seemed to be a roller coaster of ups and downs. It finally came to a head a few years back while I was building my new home, raising two kids, and spending up to twelve hours a day at my job. I found myself ballooned up to 300 pounds (I am 5’10”). This was due to bad eating habits, poor sleep, and no exercise program to keep me fit! The life I was leading was heading me to an early grave. Then one very hot and humid morning I became intensely aware of myself. I was fat, completely out of shape and I felt horrible. I was truly disgusted and disappointed. It wasn’t just the way I looked, but the way I felt. My back, knees, shoulders, and even my feet hurt. I knew I could do better! I had a lot to live for. I was blessed with a beautiful wife, two wonderful children, a new home and, hopefully, another 60 years of life, which got me thinking even more. Another 60 years of life feeling the way I was feeling did not seem like a reasonable lifestyle to lead! At that very moment of awareness, I made the commitment to CHANGE!


I changed my eating habits, developed a consistent exercise program and I made a priority to focus my energy into my overall well being. I can now proudly say I have greater strength, endurance and discipline. Each and every day I continue to work on bettering myself, physically, mentally and spiritually. This is me and this can be you also. The first step is yours. This first step will be making a commitment to yourself to become the best you can be. Without you at your best, you cannot offer your best to others.

Together, with a little hard work and dedication, we can Achieve Higher Ground.

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