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When you sign up for an Ascension Fitness Training membership, you’ll have access to unlimited personal training, nutrition counseling, and a community of people who’ll keep you accountable and push you to be the best version of yourself. Each of us has one life to be extraordinary, excellent, and strong. Don’t settle for less than your all.


If you’re struggling to find motivation to work out, come to Ascension Fitness Training. Leave your ego at the door and discover you’re capable of much more than you could ever imagine. No more worrying about whether you measure up to the people around you—we are a one-level gym. Whether you are in peak shape, looking to lose weight, or just hoping to maintain your body, you are welcome here. Our trainers know how to get more out of you than you think you’re capable of. Every person who walks into our doors is set up for success because we focus on the strength that’s already inside of you.

We offer strength training, kettlebell training, weight loss training, martial arts, training for warriors, run coaching, Krav Maga, youth strength training, nutrition planning and balance improvement.


“I do these things not to break myself, but to be unbreakable.”




How we work

When you walk into Ascension Fitness Training, you’ll notice our gym is not made up entirely of cardio machines. If you want to put in some earbuds and spend an hour by yourself on the elliptical, this is not the place. We have tires, dumbbells, ropes, kettlebells, and personal trainers who are passionate about finding a workout that works for you. We are an open gym. 


Check out these events


Time to spartan up! Join our team!

Alright Warriors! You've done the training. It's time to put it to use! Be part of something great! You are Ascension! Join us as our team conquers the Spartan. Anyone can do this regardless of fitness. It is a team event. Trust me. You will be amazed at what you can actually do! And the medal you get is freakin' awesome! When you register, make sure you add yourself to the “Warriors of Ascension” team.

Not a member of Ascension? No problem! You're more than welcome to be part of our team! The more the merrier! Sign up today! Click here to view this event on our Facebook page. 


Freedom fest ruck’n’roll


RUCK•ING [VERB] // Walking with a weighted rucksack (aka backpack). It implies action, energy, and purpose. Rucking requires strength, endurance, and character -- and builds it, too. (
Basically, you wear a backpack and walk! Rucking can be done with any weight and at any pace. 

Ascension Fitness will be hosting the Freedom Fest Ruck'N'Roll June 29th. This will be a 10K ruck with all proceeds benefiting Operation: 23 to Zero, a non-profit organization which raises awareness and provides support for veterans and active-duty military with the goal of reducing military suicide. So grab a backpack. Put something in it. And join Ascension Fitness on Saturday, June 29th for the Freedom Fest Ruck'N'Roll! 
More details to follow. Make sure to watch our website and Facebook page for updates and registration information!

Are you a business interested in sponsoring this event? Please contact Ascension Fitness for sponsorship opportunities! Get your business’ name printed on the T-shirts, sponsor a table, an aide station, or a workout station, and know that all proceeds are going to a great cause! Click CONTACT to receive details regarding sponsorship.

To learn more, click HERE to visit our event page on Facebook!


Be part of our tough mudder team!

Come join us for a fun team experience with the Warriors of Ascension! This is a really fun event where everyone helps each other complete the course! No mudder left behind! If you've never done a Tough Mudder, you have to try one! This is one of the our favorite events of the year! Our team really has a fun time running (or walking) this together! You do not have to be able to run to do this. This is possible for any fitness level. We stick together. We help each other with the obstacles. We have a blast on the course. And then we drink the beer! What’s not to love! Trust me. You won’t regret doing this! Epic memories!

Make sure you sign up for Saturday, July 13th at 8AM and add yourself to the “Warriors of Ascension” team at registration. Not a member of Ascension? No problem! You're more than welcome to be part of our team! The more the merrier! Sign up today! Click here to view this event on our Facebook page. 


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