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When you sign up for an Ascension Fitness Training membership, you’ll have access to unlimited personal training, nutrition counseling, and a community of people who’ll keep you accountable and push you to be the best version of yourself. Each of us has one life to be extraordinary, excellent, and strong. Don’t settle for less than your all.


If you’re struggling to find motivation to work out, come to Ascension Fitness Training. Leave your ego at the door and discover you’re capable of much more than you could ever imagine. No more worrying about whether you measure up to the people around you—we are a one-level gym. Whether you are in peak shape, looking to lose weight, or just hoping to maintain your body, you are welcome here. Our trainers know how to get more out of you than you think you’re capable of. Every person who walks into our doors is set up for success because we focus on the strength that’s already inside of you.

We offer strength training, kettlebell training, weight loss training, martial arts, training for warriors, run coaching, Krav Maga, youth strength training, nutrition planning and balance improvement.


“I do these things not to break myself, but to be unbreakable.”




How we work

When you walk into Ascension Fitness Training, you’ll notice our gym is not made up entirely of cardio machines. If you want to put in some earbuds and spend an hour by yourself on the elliptical, this is not the place. We have tires, dumbbells, ropes, kettlebells, and personal trainers who are passionate about finding a workout that works for you. Our trainers will guide you through a personalized workout every time. And you’ll do it in a fun, social setting! This is not your big-box gym in any way!


Join us for these events!!


Young Women’s self-defense seminar

Have you prepared your teen daughter or soon to be college student to protect herself in the case of unwanted sexual advances or assault? This is a very real threat in today's world. Make sure she knows how to avoid dangerous situations, is empowered to say "No," and knows what to do if she has to escape an attack.

Wednesday, July 17th 5PM Ascension Fitness will be holding a self-defense seminar specifically for teen girls, college students, and young women.

Ages 13-22.


new programs! weight-loss focus or performance focus

Our new Weight-Loss Focus and Performance Programs will include everything you love about our Basic Training Package and more! You'll receive unlimited personalized training with our encouraging and motivating personal trainers as before but you'll also receive a training booklet with extra information and reference material, weekly emails or videos with motivation and teaching to help you reach your health and fitness goals, help with meal plans/nutrition, FREE use of the InBody body composition analyzer every six weeks! The Weight-Loss Program will also include weekly weigh-ins. Performance Program will also include regular fitness assessments and progress pictures! 

Call or Stop in to start your journey today!


See what you’re made of!

Our sports nutrition partners Max Muscle of Woodbury will be here with the InBody 570 again on Friday, July 19th! They will be here from 5pm - 7pm. Stop by any time during that time and use the InBody for $15. This is a great opportunity to see where your body composition is at. Check muscle mass, body fat percentage, hydration, basal metabolic rate, and more!

You do not need to be a member to come in that day and use the scale. Please RSVP on our Facebook event or on the sign-up at the gym.

For the most accurate scan, make sure to be well-hydrated, wear minimal clothing, and do not eat right before. In the interest of being hydrated, it is not ideal to work out just before your scan either.

If you cannot make it in on that date, I encourage you to stop in at Max Mulscle Woodbury to use the InBody in their store! They are great at explaining your results and helping you understand how to best meet your health and fitness goals! Visit their store at 783 Radio Dr #104, Woodbury, MN 55125!


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