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At Ascension Fitness Training, a personal fitness trainer will get to know you and develop workouts and a nutrition plan unique to your goals and lifestyle. In turn, you’ll get to know your trainers and fellow gym neighbors—friends who’ll support and encourage you on your fitness journey. Learn more about the people who will be with you every step of the way.


William Israelson

Owner / Personal Trainer / Krav Instructor

In 2009, William Israelson was at a turning point in his life. Well over 300 pounds, William (Bill) was tired of being miserable and wanted to improve his health for the sake of his wife and kids. Together with a few friends, Bill started a small fitness training and martial arts group in the upper level of a warehouse in Cedar, Minnesota. Bill, who’d started in self-defense training when he was a teenager, took up martial arts once again and lost over 100 pounds. Along the way, more and more people looking to change their lives came to work out with Bill, and Ascension Fitness Training grew.

Bill believes that each one of us has a personal responsibility to care for our health and control our harmful habits, and that’s what drives his passion for fitness. Bill equips other people to enjoy life to the fullest through wholesome habits, regular exercise, and nutritious food.


• ISSA Personal Trainer
•Training for Warriors Certification Level II
• Krav Maga Lead Civilian Instructor
• Kids Krav Maga
• Women’s Self-Defense
• Youth Trainer
• Certified Kettlebell Instructor
• Sports Nutrition Specialist


Michele Wunderlich

Owner / Personal Trainer / Run Coach

When Michele was 45 years old, she felt she was at a standstill in her fitness journey. Michele was a runner and used to working out on her own. Though self-motivated, she’d tried several times to progress in strength training but never succeeded with weights at a regular gym. She decided she needed a personal trainer but couldn’t afford the hourly rate of most sessions. Michele came to Ascension and immediately felt she was part the community. For the first time, she experienced noticeable improvements in her fitness with Bill as her trainer, pushing her to her limits. Michele was moved by the work Bill was doing in people’s lives. She saw the individuals at Ascension growing not just physically

stronger, but personally in their work and relationships. Michele’s passion grew to help others find the health, strength, and belonging that she had found at Ascension. Michele earned her certification as a personal trainer with a focus in Functional Strength Training, Running (5K to ultramarathon), Obstacle Racing, and Nutrition Counseling. Whether it’s weight loss, strength, running, or just feeling healthier, Michele can help you achieve your goals.


• ISSA Personal Trainer
•MBN Registered Nurse
• RRCA Certified Adult Distance Running Coach
• Certified Primal Health/Nutrition Coach
• Red Cross CPR/AED certified



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