Make It Count

How to make it count . . .

  1. Commit to a healthier you
  2. Schedule your training sessions (4)
  3. Set your goals (big and small)
  4. Surround yourself with positivity
  5. Find training that you like and you will do
  6. Stop the sugar intake
  7. Get rid of processed carbs
  8. Drink water
  9. Eat when you are hungry
  10. 6 meals a day, it’s a myth
  11. Eat to contentment
  12. Don’t start something you can’t do for the rest of your life
  13. Use a pair of tight pants to gauge your fat loss!
  14. Don’t stress about it
  15. Get sleep
  16. Shut off electronics at night
  17. Be patient
  18. Do interval training
  19. Lift heavy and sprint
  20. Have fun with the new you!!!!!
  21. Come see William at Ascension Fitness Training