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There are a few things that set Ascension Fitness apart from most other gyms. First, we use a concept we call “Open Training.” At Ascension, you will be working with a certified personal trainer every time you are at the gym. The trainer will design your workouts, discuss your nutrition, motivate you, and push you to excel. It is “Open” training because you are free to come in any time we are open (no appointments needed) and train for any duration of your choosing. It is also “Open” because the training time is open to whoever comes in at that time. As such, the trainer may be working with multiple people at the same time, but unlike a fitness class, the trainer will be designing the workout to meet your specific goals and needs. The exercise you are doing will likely not be the same as the person next to you.

Another thing which sets Ascension Fitness apart from most gyms is the atmosphere of community you will experience there. Even though each person may be doing their own exercises, everyone talks, laughs, and encourages one another. No more trying to find a workout buddy or trying to get your schedules to coincide. All the other members at Ascension will quickly become your workout buddies. So come in any time you’re free, receive instruction and motivation from the personal trainer, and workout with your friends.

If you want to put in some earbuds and spend an hour by yourself on the elliptical, then this is not the gym for you. But if you want the benefit of a personal trainer (without the hourly fee and appointments), if you want accountability and motivation, if you want to finally make progress on your fitness goals, if you want a place to belong, then Ascension Fitness Training is definitely the gym for you!


open training


If you prefer private 1-on-1 training we provide that too.

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Self defense training for all ages 5-105. You are never too young or too old to learn how to defend yourself.


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