How we work

When you walk into Ascension Fitness Training, you’ll notice our gym is not made up entirely of cardio machines. If you want to put in some earbuds and spend an hour by yourself on the elliptical, this is not the place. We have tires, dumbbells, ropes, kettlebells, and personal trainers who are passionate about finding a workout that works for you. We are an open gym. 

As an open gym, we do things differently. 

• You’ll pay a fixed rate for a monthly membership. 
• You come in anytime during our open hours and stay as long as you like. 
• You don’t log time; personal training is unlimited. 

If you are looking for a personal trainer without the hourly fee and appointments, come to Ascension. Each time you show up, you’ll work with a certified personal trainer on a workout they’ve designed for you. They’ll instruct multiple people at the same time, but differently based on their physical abilities and goals. Our trainers are looking out for the best interest of each member. We pair our individualized workouts with personal nutrition counseling; we’ll help you track eating habits, carbs, fat, and water intake. 

No more trying to find a workout buddy and struggling to coordinate your schedules. Each person may be doing their own exercises, but our gym is always filled with conversation, laughter, and friendly encouragement. It’s a community of people with a shared goal. 

At Ascension Fitness Training, we reject the idea of “normal” and aspire to something greater. There’s nothing shameful about the ordinary, but life rarely promises convention. We all experience setbacks. When we say, “I will not be normal,” we’re pledging to dive in headfirst to a motivated and healthy life, surrounded by friends and strong enough to rise up each time we’re knocked down.


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Personal training without the hourly fee and appointments.

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